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Navajo Pawn Pins, Bolo Ties, Necklaces, Belts, Rings & Pins

Southwest style old dead pawn pins, bow guards, jacklos, hair pieces , belt buckles and more for sale.

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Older Navajo Cluster Bracelet

Dead pawn, Navajo Cluster Style Bracelet

Turquoise Cluster Pin

Dead pawn turquoise cluster pin

Chunky Turquoise Concho Belt

Dead pawn sterling silver concho belt.

Ranger Belt Buckle

Navajo ranger belt buckle

Sterling Silver Belt 12 Conchos

Dead pawn sterling silver concho belt

Small Silver Buckle

Navajo sterling silver buckle


Dead pawn Native American waterbird chip inlay necklace with silver beads.

Navajo Concho Belt 15

Dead pawn sterling silver concho belt

Sleeping Beauty Cluster

Navajo Concho belt Sterling silver, sleeping beauty turquoise

Turquoise Needle Point Bracelet

Navajo Dead Pawn Turquoise Needle Point Bracelet

Turquoise Necklaces with Eight Strands

Dead pawn turquoise necklace

Cluster Bracelet

Native American cluster style bracelet

Turquoise Necklace with Jacklos

Dead pawn one strand turquoise necklace

Silver Bracelet with one turquoise stone

Dead pawn Silver Bracelet with one turquoise stone

Navajo Cluster Bracelet

Older style Navajo bracelet